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  • The Inspirational Guide to Contracting

    Our spotlight partner SJD has produced an interactive e-book packed with insight and inspiration on why making the switch from permanent to contracting can open the doors of opportunity to a brighter career path. From facts and figures to how to start working for yourself, this has it all.

  • Guide to Contractor Mortgages

    Obtaining a mortgage as a contractor can be a hassle. Learn about how this has changed and your options in this guide from our spotlight partner CMME.

  • The Complete Guide To Contracting

    If you’re new to contracting and need some expert advice, why would you look elsewhere? From expenses to VAT, this guide covers everything you need to know (and bits you might not think you do) from our spotlight partner SJD.

  • Self Employed Mortgages

    How do you secure a mortgage without a fixed regular income?  Obtaining a self-employed mortgage is the key when you are a business owner.

  • Creating a website for your business

    Developing an online presence can take your business to the next level.  Our guide explores how to create a website to give you the edge over your competitors.

  • Flat Rate VAT Scheme Guide (FRS)

    The flat-rate VAT scheme aims to simplify the VAT process.  Our guide will help you understand the basics, and how this can benefit you as a business owner.

  • Claiming expenses as a sole trader

    The rules for expenses for Sole Traders differ than for other types of business; let us explain how.

  • Developing your freelance business

    Are you looking to further develop your freelance business?  Our guide explores the next steps to increasing your earnings and business potential.

  • How to market your company for (almost) free!

    In the early days of a new business, budgets can be tight.  Our guide explores ways to market your business without breaking the bank.

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